Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal Pradesh

Sl. No.

Name of the complainant

Allegations made

Action taken by Ministry

Action taken by State Government

Shri Ravindra Kumar, VPO Kamlah Fort, Tehsil Sarkaghat, District Mandi


Fake entry in muster roll and corruption by Pradhan and other members under NREGA

Requested State Government for investigation on 01.05.2009 and reminders send on 27.05.09 , 21.08.2009 & 05.11.2009. DO reminder send on 09.04.2012. Reminder sent on 09.05.2012.

As per report received from State Government, DC cum DPC (NREGA) Mandi has informed that according to enquiry conducted by the BDO Dharmpur, the GP Kamlah Fort has misappropriation of the funds tuning to Rs.37015/- and out of that amounting to Rs. 20850/- have been resubmitted in the Panchayat account by the concerned GP members . As complainant has lodged an FIR against the concerned GP and relevant records i.e. cash book, proceeding register and bill vouchers are in the custody of police, accordingly conducting of further enquiry is not possible/ The District Panchayat Officer Mandi has been asked to initiate proceedings against defaulting GP and action taken report is still awaited.

Letter received from Sh Rakesh Kumar S/o Sh. Kirpa Ram, Village- Baidi, P.O.- Bandi, Dist- Kangra


Alleging misappropriate of funds for construction of Crate/ retaining wall to the land in Village- Baidi, Dist Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Forward to SG on 25.8.10. Clarification sought on 12.06.2012.

State govt. forwarded ATR . further clarification sought on 12.06.2012.

Sh Hansraj Thakur and others, Village- Kunihar, Dist- Solan


Alleging corruption in various departmental works conducted in village Kunihar under MGNREGA and other schemes by the former Pardhan of the village.

Forwarded to the state Government 29.12.2010

ATR submitted by SG has been questioned by the complainant vide complaint dated 31.03.2011. SG requested to submitted comments on 22.06.2011.

Shri R. D. Sharma, Dist. Hamirpur


Regarding misuse of fund by Gram Pradhan in GP Sakandar

Forwarded to the State 23.03.2011. Reminder sent on 09.05.2012

As per ATR received from the State Government. Action has been taken against Gram Pradhan, and others and recovery made from these persons. Presently the matter is sub-judice and SG has been asked to submit latest report of the case.

Shri Misu Ram

Vill- Kuhal,PO-Deothi,

Teh Rampur

Distt- Simla (HP)

(Through Prime Minister Office)

J-14019/C/3/2011 MGNREGA

Complaint against Block Development Officer Rampur Bushahr and Panchayat Secretary Kuhal, Distt Shimla, for not paying wages under the scheme of MGNREGA.

Forwarded to the State 24.06.2011. DO sent on 04.04.2012 and reminder sent on 08.05.2012.

Reply awaited.

Shri Satish Kumar


Distt-Shimla, HP.


Regarding wrong/fake reports produced by Panchayat Inspector and Panchayat Secretary, BDO, Panchayat Masrror of Block, Nagrota Surian, District,Kangra.

Forwarded to the State 25.08.2011

ATR received on 24.07.2012

and under process

Shri Arun & others

Chintpurni Bhawan

Near HPSEB Sub Station

Banuti, Shimla, HP.


Regarding irregularities and misuse of funds under MGNREGA by ex-Pradhan, Gram Panchayat Swana,Block Pragpur, district Kangra.

Forwarded to the State 25.08.2011.

Reply awaited

Shri Hemraj Sharma

Nambardar Deh and President

Temple Shivalaya,

Village Takka

Distt- Una.


Regarding construction of road under MGNREGA.

Forwarded to the State 25.08.2011. Reminder sent on 23.03.2012

State govt. send a letter to Joint Secretary(Panchyati raj) Shimla for ATR

Shri H.R. Thakur

Jan Kalyan / Development Samiti Kunihar




Regarding misuse of funds in Kunihar Panchayat since last 10 year.

Forwarded to the State 17.01.2012. Reminder sent on 08.05.2012

State govt. send a letter to Programme Officer, Solan for ATR

Gram Rozgar Sewak Association Block Nadaun

Distt- Hamirpur


Regarding to stop the injustice done by the Gram Rojgar Sewak.

Forwarded to the State 17.01.2012. Reminder sent on 08.05.2012

Reply awaited

Mr. Kuldip Singh Rana

Village- Bhaniyar




Regarding misappropriation of funds under MGNREGA by Gram Panchayat Manjgram, District Kangra.

Forwarded to the State 17.01.2012. Reminder sent on 08.05.2012

State govt. send a letter to Commissioner Kangara for ATR.

Smt. Meera Devi

Gram Panchayat Simbal

Via Bhullana

Tehsil- Baijnath



Regarding manipulation and misappropriation of MGNREGA funds in Block, Panchrukhi .

Forwarded to the State 17.01.2012. Reminder sent on 08.05.2012

State govt. send a letter to BDO, panchrukhi Kangara for ATR.

Shri Jagdish Chand

Distt- Kangra


Regarding misappropriation of fund under MGNREGA in GP Bhullana, distt kangra

Forwarded to State Government on 08.02.2012. NLM proposed on 02.05.2012.

NLM proposed on 02.05.2012.

Reference dated 10.12.2012 of Shri Hav Pawan Kumar, Village Andrah, Post Hatli, District Kangra


regarding construction of road in village Andrah under MGNREGA in district Kangra

Forwarded to State Government on 27.02.2012

Reply awaited


Shri Hitesh Kaul, Village Ustehar, The.Baijnath, Distt. Kangra, H.P.



misappropriation of funds

Forwarded to State Government on 21.06.2012

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